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Organizational Development

We provide facilitation services and trainings on strategic development to non-profit organizations, social enterprises and agri-businesses to help lay out a roadmap for their constant growth. Our series of tailored training courses include, writing project proposals for funding support; good governance development; organizational capacity assessment; training of trainers in different fields; progress report development; business planning and management; and agriculture related courses such as aquaculture, horticulture, livestock, and cash crops production and postharvest management.  We facilitate direct interactions between our clients and entrepreneurs in south east Asia to facilitate a deeper grasp and understanding on practical business management in diverse environment from the broader perspectives.  KFP also provides Business Tours and onsite visits for hands on trainings to researchers and interested parties on farming and other farm related income generating activities.

Research, Programme/Project Design and Evaluation

KFP offers top quality consultancy services in conducting research work and evaluation of projects and programs in Cambodia and the ASEAN region. Our team uses hands-on knowledge and approaches which are effective in addressing specific development issues as defined by our clients.  We provide excellent results to public and private institutions in the evaluation of multi-country, bi-lateral and specific country programs and cover areas such as integrated development, gender and womens empowerment, development of indigenous people, urban waste management, education and labor affairs. We also work on public private partnership and value chain development projects as well as help mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Child Skills Development

Most child developmental assessment tools that are used around the world have been created based on western norms and are therefore not applicable in developing countries like Cambodia. There is therefore a great need for designing culturally practical and environmentally appropriate educational and assessment tools to support and encourage the cognitive and motor skills development of Cambodian children during the early developmental stages. To meet this great need, KFP has designed and prepared fine motor skills and cognitive development training tools that are created specifically for children in Cambodia. The cognitive and fine motor skills are transferred in a fun and child friendly way so the children feel comfortable and proactive. They will also develop several functional skills such as social, language, cognitive ability, including development in the physical domain. The trainings can be delivered onsite at our clients premises where the children are comfortable. The materials used during the trainings can be made available upon request. KFP also offers trainings to clients staff on how to conduct similar trainings in the future.  KFP plans to take up this market niche and develop it further as contributing to the development of children is indirectly developing the kingdom.

Agriculture Development

Agriculture and fishery are the main sources of income in Cambodia, both commercially and in households. The agricultural sector remains the backbone of the nation’s economy. However, recent studies and statistics show that agriculture generated only 20.71% of the country’s GDP in 2019. This is due to the sector being dominated by small-scale farmers, whose productivity is limited by the lack of technical skills to effectively respond to economic, social, and environmental challenges in agricultural communities. Based on several international climate change indices, Cambodia is considered one of the most vulnerable countries globally, and is particularly vulnerable to floods, drought, windstorms, and seawater intrusion which directly affects agriculture. Studies show that climate change is expected to reduce the country’s annual average GDP growth by 6.6% and absolute GDP by 0.4% in 2020, by 2.5% in 2030, and up to 9.8% in 2050.

KFP has been delivering solutions to address these issues in agricultural development and climate change by providing trainings in the different provinces. KFP provides hands on technical skill trainings in the development of aquaculture, cash crops and fruit farms, vegetable gardens and raising cattle – using resilient and sustainable methods to improve farming methods and promote climate change adaptation. 

Promoting decent work for all

Promoting decent work for women, men and youth is at the center of Cambodia’s national development strategy and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Important contributors in this direction include (1) effective relations and social dialogue between the Government, employers and workers;  (2) effective labor market governance arrangements; (3) the application in practice of international labor standards; (4) the creation of decent employment, including green jobs, SME development and promoting women’s entrepreneurship; (5) developing a skilled workforce to meet the needs of a rapidly changing job market and economy; and (6) promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace. The KFP team includes Cambodian and international experience and skills to promote Cambodia’s development in all these and related areas.  Such skills include policy research and advice; strategy programme/project design and evaluation; SME development;  promotion of women’s entrepreneurship; gender mainstreaming; and technical and vocational skills development. A particular focus of team experience has been in Cambodia’s garment sector.  

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